THANK YOU to all of you who auditioned for the 2014-2015 season!   Our general audition season has concluded, and invited call backs were held for the final 5 productions of the 14-15 season for August 18, and September 5-9. Our casting process has ended for the year and we thank you for being a part of it.

We saw over 450 Young Performers in May, July and August over eight nights and the talent evident in the First Stage community is incredible!  We are so grateful for everyone who took the risk to be considered for a production, and we’re sorry that we don’t have parts for every single one of you.  We hope that you will continue to audition for the upcoming seasons.

If you missed this season’s audition, our next General Audition will be in the Summer of 2015.  We usually have a Spring Call Back based on last season’s audition and participation, and then General auditions in July and August. 

If you have any questions about auditioning, or would like to receive notice once we schedule auditions, please email Jeff Schaetzke at

Thank you!

 FAQ for Young Performer Auditions

MORE INFORMATION (for parents) about Young Performer General Auditions