Teaching Artist Fellowship

The Teaching Artist fellowship provides teaching and performance experience for an emerging professional interested in working with youth. First Stage strives to be the national leader and driving force behind the creation of the best and most innovative plays for family audiences, theater training programs for young people, and education initiatives for our schools and our community.

The Teaching Artist Fellowship program was developed to increase the diversity of teaching artists at First Stage. A teaching artist is a practicing professional artist and educator. Teaching Artists view their work both on stage and in the classroom as an art, creating educational and aesthetic experiences for their students in both places.

The Teaching Artist Fellowship aims to support theater artists on their personal and professional journeys. Through the fellowship each Teaching Artist will grow...

  • As a teacher: including curriculum design, classroom management, ability to engage students, contributing to a collaborative working environment, and knowledge of current educational trends.
  • As a performer: maintaining identity as a performer to supplement work as a teaching artist.
  • As a business person: operating with business acumen as a job seeker, employee, and entrepreneur.

Fellowships are catered to the individual’s talents, goals, and personality. Regular one-on-one and group meetings are held to assess progress and define steps throughout the duration of the program.

Fellows will work a rigorous schedule that fluctuates based on production assignments. Fellows can expect a schedule of 40 hours per week in the office or teaching. When working on a production, fellows can expect up to 30 additional hours per week in rehearsals at night. Due to the time commitment and responsibilities, outside work can be difficult and must be approved by the Fellowship Coordinator.

For over 29 years, First Stage has successfully trained hundreds of emerging professionals using comprehensive teaching, performance, and leadership experiences to launch their careers as performers and teaching artists. All of the experiences in the Teaching Artist Fellowship program can lead to future employment at theater companies here in Milwaukee and across the country. First Stage is dedicated to broadening our reach and deepening our impact in the community, and we invite you to join us in our mission to transform lives through theater.

Teaching Artist Fellowship applications for our 2016-2017 season are now closed.

Contact fellowship@firststage.org with questions.