October 17 - November 15

at the Todd Wehr Theater at the Marcus Center Directions

Sherlock Holmes is missing, and the streets of London are awash with crime. Without the famously shrewd detective to save them, who will help the people of London?  The Baker Street Irregulars – a gang of street kids hired by Sherlock himself to help solve cases – accept the challenge of defending the Victorian city against the forces of evil, including the criminal mastermind believed to be the notorious Moriarty. Based on the graphic novels by New York Times best-selling author Tony Lee, drawn by critically acclaimed artist Dan Boultwood, this family-friendly adventure will unveil clues as to the true fate of Sherlock Holmes.  The game is afoot!

Ages 7+

A world premiere play by Eric Coble
Based on the series of graphic novels by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood 

Adapted from the books The Baker Street Irregulars: The Adventure of the Missing Detective, The Baker Street Irregulars: The Adventure of the Phantom of Drury Lane, The Baker Street Irregulars: The Adventure of the Charge of the Old Brigade, The Baker Street Irregulars: The Adventure of the Family Reunion.

Text and illustrations copyright © 2011 by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood.Published by Franklin Watts, an imprint of Hackette Children’s Books, United Kingdom.  All rights reserved.  Used with permission of the author.

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Enrichment Guide

Explore fun activities and the themes in Sherlock Holmes before you come to the theater! 

Talkbacks with Eric Coble

Join us opening weekend for post-performance talkbacks with playwright Eric Coble. Talkbacks are included with your ticket purchase, no reservations are needed. Learn more.

Steampunk Night

Come to the theater dressed in your favorite Steampunk attire and get in the spirit of the Victorian London setting of the play! Learn more.

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