Student Opportunities

Student Advisory Board | Internships | Additional Scholarship Opportunity

Student Advisory Board
Grades 5-12

Student Advisory BoardThe Student Advisory Board of First Stage strives to inspire, encourage, and lead the voices of the First Stage youth within the Milwaukee theater community. First Stage’s Student Advisory Board helps mold young people into leaders on the stage and beyond. Kids helping kids for future generations. 

Want to make an impact and have a voice within the First Stage community? Apply for the Student Advisory Board! With plenty of community engagement and volunteering opportunities you can help our First Stage community grow even stronger! 

To apply, download and complete our application, and submit via email to J.T. Backes at

Grades 8-12

Students entering grades 8 and up have the exciting opportunity to apply for an internship position with First Stage Theater Academy. Interns are role models, mentors and office assistants.

Internships for 2020 Summer Academy are one to eight weeks in length, and positions will be filled by May 2020.

Interested students should complete the Summer 2020 application and return to the Academy office by email to Academy Headmaster J.T. Backes at  

Erica Davis Memorial Scholarship 
The Erica Davis Memorial Scholarship is a one-time scholarship of $500 to a student who displays a commitment to serving others (in school, their community, or at home), has a strong work ethic and leadership qualities, and embodies the ideas within the First Stage Cheer. The intent of this award is to support one student’s next step after high school graduation, whether that be to attend school, invest in a passion, take a trip – anything that will utilize the skills learned at First Stage to help the individual pursue a dream. Application deadline is Sunday, June 30. Learn more and apply