Advanced Classes | Grades 6–12
Theater requires the ability to work collaboratively to tell a story. Returning students looking to cultivate their skills have a variety of classes to choose from, including intensive study. These Advanced Classes will foster the disciplines of Acting, Improvisation, Musical Theater, and Writing. Join us for any or all of these year-long sessions. All classes are audition-based. Email for more details.

Advanced Acting
Grades 6-8 
Tuition: $475/year
Saturdays (Fall, Winter, Spring) 12:30-2:30pm
Join us for this NEW class where students will hone their skills in auditioning, voice, movement, moment to moment discovery, and more! Guest artists, electives, and master classes are included in this year-long class.

Advanced Musical Theater
Grades 7-12 
Tuition: $475/year
Saturdays (Fall, Winter, Spring) 12:30-2:30pm
This intensive will break down the elements of singing, dancing, and acting and then put them all back together, ensuring that students have a firm understanding of the techniques so that their performance can really shine through.

Organized Chaos (Advanced Improvisation) 
Grades 7-12 
Tuition: $475/year & $10 supply fee
Saturdays (Fall, Winter, Spring) class times assigned after audition
Improvisation is an art form that requires community, commitment, and communication. This class will hone these performance skills and exercise creativity all year long.

Playwrights Ensemble
Grades 7-12 Tuition: $475/year
Saturdays (Fall, Winter, Spring) 2:30-4:30p.m.
Throughout the year the students build an ensemble on their feet and on the page with the goal of writing and staging an original play. Ensemble members learn the value of full participation, discipline, and collaboration.

Spoken Word Ensemble
Grades 7-12 | Tuition: $475/year
Saturdays (Fall, winter, spring) 12:30-2:30p.m.
This NEW class encourages students to find comfort in expressing themselves as they combine their love for writing and performance as a way to connect, support, and share their voice and inspire others in their community.