Little Actors

Little Actors is a six-week program designed for younger children (grades K3 – 1) that uses stories as the springboard for learning. First Stage is the only youth serving organization in Milwaukee that offers a multi-week, theater-based program specifically targeted to improving elementary students’ literacy development through true arts-integrated instruction.

Through six 40-minute Little Actors sessions, students engage in drama-based activities such as imaginary play, song and dance, artwork, and role play. By being actively immersed in the telling of simple and well-loved stories, students develop and reinforce their understanding of fundamental language comprehension skills — speaking, listening, retelling, and more — as outlined in the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards.

Teaching Artists works with Kluge students

First Stage understands that to be fully literate, students need a solid foundation in reading and writing along with the ability to comprehend, understand, and retell written and oral narrative to a variety of audiences. Through the Little Actors program, First Stage doesn’t solely focus on learning new vocabulary words or practicing spelling.

Little Actors is unique with its dual focus on standard and arts curriculum — helping students build critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, as well as reflect on the subject matter in new and creative ways. By combining the theater arts with the English Language Arts curriculum, Little Actors actively engages students in the learning process, which appeals to and unites traditional academic learners and active learners who are often excluded from participation.

Workshops can be scheduled any time in the school year. A school staff member must be present for all six sessions. For more information, please call (414) 267-2978 or email