A quick note about livestreaming and polling!

Escape from Peligro IslandWelcome, intrepid explorers!

Are you ready for your adventure to begin?

Now I don't want to scare you ... But you should be really scared! The places we're about to go are beyond the walls of a theatre, or the make-believe of a story. To truly navigate this adventure, and steer our hero Calloway Brown through territories unknown ...

We need you. And your phone. And your decisions. That's right, brave kid-sized humans - we're going interactive ...

Virtually anything could happen. And virtually ... anything could happen!

There may be danger! There may be vampires! There may even be ... some kissing!

The virtual world is a tricky one for all of us. Should something go awry with your signal and you see the evil wheel of buffering … all is not lost. Try clicking on your original show link again, and it should return you safely to live action!

And now – lets talk about how you play a part in this production...

How it works: Our voting system will go active five minutes prior to each scheduled performance. At that time, use your phone to text Escape2021 to 22333. You'll receive a response saying you are now able to vote when asked. Once registered you simply text your vote A or B whenever asked during the play. We’ll let you know when the time to vote has run out – and then we’ll tabulate the results and return you back to the action as quickly as we can – but be aware lags in the broadcast system will likely cause a wait of 60-90 seconds. We thank you for your patience and perseverance ahead of time.

Each family member can vote from their unique phone, or you can debate the options with your family and then cast your family vote. Either way, be quick...you only have 45 seconds before voting closes. 

This short video clip illustrates what you will see during your interactive performance: