The following are just a few of the many acknnowledgements made from young people, community members, artists and educators that have participated in First Stage's professional theater performances, Theater Academy or Education programs.

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"First Stage has no equal in my eyes. It is the best creative program in the city. I attended the Minnesota Center for Arts Education in Minneapolis when I was a youth -on scholarship-...it was the greatest part of my youth. Every single time we attend the First Stage Summer Program final performance, I'm reminded of the restorative and inspirational power of the arts...it takes me back to my days as a young artist! I always leave in awe of the staff as well as the children!!!  From the heart-THANK YOU!!!" – Magda & Sue Banaszak

"I just wanted to let you know my family enjoyed last night’s show of FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS. I was thrilled with the young actors coming up to my son and trying to talk to him!  I feel very fortunate to have gone to this show, with my son, and that someone (or many) put thought into creating a sensory friendly play for these truly special children!!!!!!!!!  Adam woke up this morning and wanted to go back to 'the show' today." – Michelle and Adam Kocher

"First Stage Academy's judge-free environment allows diverse students to explore endless possibilities and to develop useful talents and skills for the real-world. The acting teachers and other students constantly challenge you to take risks when performing improv with the team, when speaking a Shakespearian monologue on stage, when auditioning for the solo in the musical number, and when sharing your reflections at the end of each day. I have carried these 'I Can' moments with me while attending Boston University. I constantly search for any opportunity to interact with people different than myself and find out what makes them tick. I use my leadership skills in team meetings when creating a business plan for class. I use my on-stage skills to articulate who I am in interviews and when at networking events. First Stage is not just for people who hope to make theater their life career; it's a fantastic experience that will help anyone become extraordinary in whatever profession they choose." – Steph

"My son’s shirt was signed by so many kids, he was giving and getting high fives from other kids and he just seemed so happy. I believe this was a big deal for him and that he was out of his comfort zone. I don't know how the teachers did it, but we really appreciate everything that they must have done to foster such a positive and nurturing environment that gave Lucas the ability to do those things that we know he would not seek out or do on his own." – Kara