Seating Guides -- 2018-19 season

The Todd Wehr Theater is an intimate 498-seat theater with a thrust stage, with Main Floor and Balcony seating.  The theater is divided into four seating sections, so you may choose seat locations that best fit your viewing preferences.  Accessible seating is available.

Todd Wehr Theater seating chart

















About the Main Floor configuration:

  • Up Close and Personal.  Located in the front four rows of sections 3 and 4, and the front two rows of sections 2 and 5.  You'll feel so close to the stage it will feel like you're in the play yourself.
  • Smack in the Middle.  Located in rows F-J in sections 2-5.  For those who want an up-close view, but prefer a little distance for comfort.  You'll sit "smack in the middle" of the theater - just as the name promises.
  • Easy In and Easy Out.  Located in sections 1 and 6.  You will still have a desirable view of the entire stage, but with seats close to the entrances to the theater, you will be able to access the lobby as needed.

About the Balcony configuration:

  • Birds-Eye View. Just like the Easy In and Easy Out view, but a little higher up.