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Unlock the World of Theater with our Access for All Passport Program

For Families and Individuals 

Dive into the enchanting world of theater with First Stage's Access for All Passport Program, designed especially for those who dream big but budget small. We're here to ensure that everyone, regardless of financial constraints, can experience the magic of live performances and theater education. 

How to Qualify?  

Your journey to unforgettable theater experiences begins with a simple process. We determine eligibility through a blend of financial assessment, a personal interview, or your unique story. We want to hear from you and understand your needs to provide access where it matters most. 

Exclusive Program Benefits:  

  • Affordable Entertainment: Snap up tickets to our sensational season productions for just $10 each, with a family-friendly limit of six tickets per show, per household. 
  • Theater Academy Scholarships: Elevate your or your child's theater skills with financial scholarships covering up to 85% of tuition to our Theater Academy. Dive into a world of creativity with a limit of one scholarship per student for each of our seasonal sessions. Scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Two-Year Membership

Once you're part of our family, your Access for All Passport Program membership is locked in for two years of theatrical adventures. And the best part? You're welcome to reapply for another two years of membership after your initial term, ensuring the stage light never dims on your theatrical journey. 

Applying is Easy! 

Ready to start? Contact Samantha D. Montgomery, Director of Artistic Inclusion and Community Engagement, at for an application. We're eager to review your submission and welcome you to our community. 

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