Young Performer Auditions for DREAM, QUICKIE! DREAM!

Find Rehearsal Dates, Performance Dates, Young Performer Casting Needs, and Audition Scenes for this play.

A story for all ages inspired by the Life of Donald “Quickie” Driver
By Gloria Bond Clunie
Co-Commissioned by First Stage and the Marcus Performing Arts Center

Donald, a champion football player on the Green Bay Packers is a new dad! He is tired, frightened, frazzled, and desperate to survive the night with a crying baby who refuses to sleep. As the night wears on, Quickie, as a young boy, comes to his rescue! Together, they journey through childhood memories, making up stories inspired by Quickie’s life to sooth his new son and help them all rediscover how to dream big!

Performances at the Marcus Center's Todd Wehr Theater

Rehearsal Dates

September 9 - October 5, 2023

Wednesdays through Fridays at 4PM-8:30PM

Saturdays at 12:30PM-4PM or 5PM-8:30PM

Sundays 10AM-1:30PM pr 2:30PM-6PM

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Performance Dates

October 6 - 29, 2023

There will be two casts of Young Performers performing on alternating dates, Wednesday through Sunday.

October 6 - 29, 2023, plus potential for added performances through November 5, 2023

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Casting Needs

Note: There are elements of stylized movement, dance and rap/spoken word  in the production.

Quickie - Black. Male identifying or non-binary. Age 10-13. A smart, bright-eyed, athletic boy with a dazzling smile. Fast! Smart! Loves football. Donald Driver as a child. Strong movement skills.

Marvin - Black. Male. Age 12-14. Caring. Paternal instinct. Supportive of Quickie.

Billy - Any background. Male. Age 10-13. Quickie’s best friend. Loyal. Empathetic.

Sam/Tina - Black. Any gender identity. Age 10-13. Another football player.

Ensemble Team members (2-4): Open to all backgrounds and gender identities. Age 12-15. Older members of the football team. Skeptical of Quickie at first then fans. Potential for them to serve as puppeteers for the two dogs, Greatness and Bella.

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Audition Scenes

You may use these audition materials if you have specific interest in being a part of DREAM, QUICKIE! DREAM! and would like to audition using one of the suggested scenes.

Quickie Scene A - Quickie, Marvin

Quickie Scene B - Quickie, Billy

Quickie Scene C - Quickie, Coach, Ensemble

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