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Book and Lyrics by Jahnna Beecham
Music & Lyrics by Malcolm Hillgartner
Based on the Play by Barbara Robinson

The horrible Herdmans are the worst kids in the history of the world. The entire town panics when these rowdy six siblings are cast in the church’s annual Christmas pageant.  It's up to good-hearted Mrs. Bradley to help the Herdmans – and the rest of the town – discover the true meaning of Christmas before it's too late. Silent night? Not a chance, but sometimes a little joyful noise is just right for Christmas. 

Listen to demos of any of the songs from THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER: THE MUSICAL

Performances at the Marcus Center's Todd Wehr Theater

Rehearsal Dates

October 21 - November 22, 2023

Wednesdays through Fridays at 4PM-8:30PM

Saturdays at 12:30PM-4PM or 5PM-8:30PM

Sundays 10AM-1:30PM pr 2:30PM-6PM

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Performance Dates

November 24 - December 24, 2023

There will be two casts of Young Performers performing on alternating dates, Wednesday through Sunday.

November 24 - December 24, 2023, with a potential extension through December 31, 2023

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Casting Needs

The Herdman Kids

Ralph -
The oldest and coolest. Male. He’s the enforcer, Age 13-15.

Imogene - Leader of the Herdmans. Female. She’s loud, bossy, and crafty, Age 12-14.

Leroy -  Ralph’s backup. Male. Very confident in the muscle department, Age 11-13.

Claude - Scrappy and smart, Age 10-12. Male.

Ollie - A bit of a naïve urchin who follows the older boys’ leads, Age 9-10. Male.

Gladys - Little but fierce. Nothing scares Gladys, Age 8-10. Female

The Bradleys

Charlie - Typical kid brother, says what he thinks, Age 10-12. Male

Beth - Charlie’s older and wiser sister. Choir member. She’s honest and kind, Age 11-13. Female.


The Ensemble

Alice Wendleken - Female. Know-it-all. Choir member. She thinks she’s perfect, Age 11.

Elmer Hopkins - Male. Preacher’s kid, which means he needs to behave and be nice, Age 10.

Teddy Shoemaker - Male. Wimpy kid with glasses, asks too many questions, Age 9.

Ivy Reed, Female. Beth’s earnest friend who is sometimes a goody-goody, Age 11.

Choir Members (2-4 young performers) - Age 12-16, open to any gender identity.


Additional Ensemble
Limited singing and/or Non-singing roles. Basic dance/movement skills helpful

Pageant Narrator – Age 11-14. Open to any gender identity. Guides us through the craziness that is the pageant – tries valiantly to keep things on task

Young Ensemble (four young performers) – Ages 6-8. Open to any gender identity. Students/Sheep.

Teen Ensemble (two young performers) – Ages 10-15. Open to any gender identity. Students/Shepherds/Angel choir/Camel.

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Audition Scenes

You may use these audition materials if you have specific interest in being a part of THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER: THE MUSICAL and would like to audition using one of the suggested scenes.

For Ralph and Imogene Herdman

BCPE Song - Imogene, Ralph

BCPE All Herdmans Scene

For Beth, Alice, or Ivy:

BCPE Song - Beth, Alice, Ivy

BCPE Alice, Ivy, Beth

BCPE All Herdmans, Alice

For Charlie or Elmer:

BCPE Song Medley - All Singers

BCPE Charlie, Beth or Elmer, Ivy

For Gladys Herdman:

BCPE Song Gladys

BCPE All Herdmans Scene

For All Herdmans:

BCPE Song Medley - All Singers

BCPE All Herdmans, Alice

BCPE All Herdmans Scene

For All Other Roles:

BCPE Song Medley - All Singers

BCPE - All group scene

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