Four Week Session Grade 7-8 6/17-7/12

Four Week Session - Serving new and returning students entering grades 7-8 in fall of 2019

Times: 8:45 am – 4:15 pm

Returning First Stage students will continue their theater training through immersion in the Core Curriculum and choose a major. In major sessions, students will form 6-12 grade ensembles devoted to delving deeper into all aspects of the subject material. Young actors will refine and develop skills specific to their areas of interest, while maintaining their fundamental acting skills.

Presentations for four week groups will happen on the final Thursday. Friday classes will consist of guest artists and activities.

Students should indicate their order of preference for majors on the registration form. Upon registration, if the student's first choice is not available they will be placed in their second, and then on to the third if necessary. Please check your invoice for confirmation of your major.