"Theatre Around the World" with Coltyn Giltner- 5th-12th Grade Virtual Master Class: 7/13-7/17, 9:30am

  • Monday, Jul-13-2020
  • Milwaukee Youth Arts Center
  • $130
  • Grade: 12, Grade: 11, Grade: 10, Grade: 09, Grade: 08, Grade: 07, Grade: 06, Grade: 05


"Theatre Around the World" with Coltyn Giltner

  • July 13th-July 17th
  • 2:00-3:30pm

  • For students entering 5th-12th Grade in the Fall of 2020. Take a trip around the world by learning diverse cultural forms of theater from the past and present, and new methods from recent years. Students will have the opportunity to learn crucial theater history, different storytelling methods and traditions, and be tasked with individual and group devising and reframing performance projects along the way.
    “Sometimes I find myself sitting in the audience at the theater, and I’ll look at all the incredible lights, and the costumes, and I’ll hear the amazing singing voices and I think: “How did we get here?”. Discover the fascinating origins, explore the vibrant present, and build the exciting future of our art.

    See what Coltyn has to say about the class!