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Safety & Security

Updated June 1, 2021

Find the most up-to-date COVID-19 Safety Policies and Procedures followed at all First Stage classes, rehearsal halls, and performance spaces, including our home at the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center.

Theater Academy Safety

For our upcoming Summer Academy programs, the following policies are designed to follow and exceed CDC guidelines, and will be enforced without exception by all students and staff:

Mask Students and staff are required to wear masks at all times. Many of our students are under the age range currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, in the interest of safety for all of our students and staff, masks are required to be properly worn at MYAC and the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts. 

Daily health screeningEnrolled families must complete a daily health screening using the BriskTable app before entering the building each day of class.


First Stage "person" icon All in-person classes are capped below room capacity to allow for social distancing.


Directional symbolsClasses will take place in our large classrooms and rehearsal halls, with indicators in hallways and rooms to help students maintain social distancing.

Class start and end timesClass start and end times will be staggered, to ensure that students will be entering or exiting the building with their cohorts only. Parents or other caregivers are not permitted inside the building during class time.

CleaningRehearsal halls will be cleaned and disinfected in between class sessions and nightly.


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Milwaukee Youth Arts Center

The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center (MYAC) follows a Family Health and Safety Guide for those staff, students, families, and guests in the building. The following protocols are in effect as of June 1, 2021:

Masks at MYAC will continue to be required in all common spaces (hallways, bathrooms, the commons, etc.). Individuals will still be required to wear a mask when entering the building. Partner organizations may continue to require masks as they see fit. Please respect our program partners mask policies.

Entering the facility
Self-attestation forms and temperature screening upon entry are no longer required. Individuals should self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the facility. Guests must sign in at the reception desk and receive a visitor's badge.

Spatial Distancing
Following CDC and Milwaukee health department guidance, MYAC will no longer have COVID-19 based capacity restrictions in place throughout the facility. However, MYAC still encourages spatial distancing in
the building when possible. Programming partners may still restrict capacities as they see fit based on the nature of their programming and who they are serving. MYAC’s Commons spaces will remain closed to parents and visitors. 

Other MYAC Safety Measures
Documented daily cleaning in addition to enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of common areas, restrooms, workstations, and other frequent touch points are to be performed daily. All aspects to be
documented per CDC guidance. Only CDC/FDA approved chemicals and disinfectants shall be used.

Commons area furniture, cubbies, and other shared items may be removed or cordoned off
and made unavailable for use. Drinking fountains and other places that can harbor the virus may be removed from service.

Increased ventilation and exhaust rates to create more fresh air movement. Installation of a bipolar ionization filtration system to aid in removing airborne viral particles. Additional sanitization and disinfecting will be done by Program and Operations Staff as required.

MYAC will make a reasonable effort to provide appropriate hand soap and hand sanitizer throughout the facility.

For details, please review MYAC's Family Health and Safety Guide.

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Theater Performances

Our 2020/21 Season featured streaming performances, as part of Through Our Lens - A First Stage Virtual Performance Series. This series has now concluded. We are currently planning for our return to live theater performances for our 2021/22 Season, beginning in November 2021.

Stay tuned for further information on purchasing tickets and safety measures at the theater.

Theater in Education

Virtual Theater in Education programs will be available for teachers to use in their virtual or in-person classrooms this school year.

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