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Touring Shows for Young Audiences

First Stage’s First Steps series is on the road, with stories that will actively engage young people through storytelling, songs, dances, and tactile experiences. With fun and interactive takes on well-known stories, First Stage combines arts-integrated education storytelling for a performance that even teachers will enjoy. Perfect for grades K3 - 1!


Written and Directed by Julia Magnasco
Music and Lyrics by Jeff Schaetzke
 This 35-minute performance will bring the well-loved story of The Three Little Pigs to life, and allow young people an opportunity to become part of the story…right from their classroom!

Written and Directed by Coltyn Giltner
The well-known tale of a competitive hare and a laid-back tortoise comes to life in your school! Join the woodland creatures for an exciting race featuring fun characters that demonstrate how success looks different to everyone - and that perseverance pays off!


Show dates are OPEN and very limited! Reserve your performance here

Reservation Requirements

If requirements are not met upon arrival, First Stage reserves the right to cancel the performance and will attempt to reschedule. 

    1.  At least a 16'X16' space for performance. Space MUST be cleared of desks, chairs, equipment, instruments, students, and foot traffic.

    2.  45 minutes of set-up time for First Stage staff to assemble the set (free of students, foot traffic, etc.)

    3.  100 students maximum allowed per performance. If more than 100 students will be attending, an additional performance will need to be scheduled (to follow immediately after the first show)

    4.  $475 per performance. Mileage will be added for locations outside of Milwaukee County

    5.  No AV equipment is required from the school, just access to an electrical outlet; First Stage will bring all technical equipment they will need.

    6. Space for performers to change. An adult bathroom or locker room is ideal. 

    7. Performances must be booked at least two weeks in advance. 


Show reservations are OPEN! Reserve your performance here!

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