Giving Every Month Society (GEMS)

Giving Every Month Society (GEMS) gives our generous supporters another way to contribute! As a GEMS Member, your gift is automatically processed as an ongoing monthly credit card payment.

By choosing this form of donation, you receive access to exclusive offers, benefit from making smaller and more manageable payments, and provide First Stage with lasting stability throughout the year. These automatic credit card payments, processed on or around the 15th of every month, will continue until you decide to cancel. You have the ability to stop these monthly payments at any time by contacting us at (414) 267-2936 or

Learn more about GEMS:

How does GEMS work? | Why become a GEMS Member? | What do I need to know? | How is GEMS changing? | Terms and Conditions of Monthly Giving

How does it work?

As a GEMS member, you are signed up to make monthly credit card contributions every month. After you make your initial donation, your credit card will be charged on the 15th of every month, or the following business day if applicable. For example, if you choose to make a monthly donation of $25 today, your next donation of $25 will be automatically charged on the 15th of the following month, and each subsequent month thereafter. You will receive an annual statement by mail with all your payment details prior to January 31.

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Why become a GEMS member?

Ongoing payments provide a sense of stability for First Stage throughout the year.

You are making a large impact with payments that are smaller and more manageable for you.

No need to renew your pledge, we will continue your credit card payments until you tell us otherwise.

You can cancel or modify your monthly payments at any time.

Access to exclusive benefits, including: Special recognition in the playbill; First Stage’s donor newsletter detailing how your contribution is helping transform lives through theater; notifications of opportunities to become more involved with First Stage; and exclusive invitations to donor events.

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What do I need to know?

Credit Card: Please maintain a sufficient credit limit on your credit card on the payment date. If we are unable to process your gift you will be notified.

**Due to increased regulations in recurring regulations, please consider using any card type EXCEPT Master Card. 

Record of payments: The amount and date of your monthly gift will appear on your credit card statement.

Account/donation change: To ensure timely payments, please notify us of any credit card updates or address changes by phone or email (see below).

Email: Please provide the email that we can best reach you at. This will be our main form of communication with GEMS members.

Contact us: To discuss your monthly donation at any time, call (414) 267-2936 or email

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Terms and Conditions of Monthly Giving

This authorization shall remain in effect until I notify First Stage in writing that I wish to end this agreement with reasonable time for First Stage and my bank to act on it. I will notify First Stage promptly of any credit card changes. I understand that I can change or stop my automatic monthly giving at any time by contacting First Stage. Each payment will be indicated on my credit card statement and will serve as my receipt. Prior to January 31, I’ll receive an annual statement summarizing my total support over the previous year. The tax-deductible portion of my gift is determined by the benefits I receive.

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