Supplementary Theater Courses for 5th-12th Grade

We're very excited to launch a new series of electives for the 21-22 School Year Academy. These classes are led by a variety of special guests and allow students to explore a specific area of interest with theater as a whole. Great for building skills beyond core performance skills, learning something fun and unique, and are a great resume builder!

As of August 9, 2021, First Stage plans to hold all classes in-person, requiring masks from both students and teachers at all times in the building. Health and safety policies are subject to change, as First Stage is dedicated to providing a safe learning space and following CDC guidelines and recommendations. 

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5th-12th Grade

  • "Hip Hop for Musical Theater" with Chris Gilbert, full time artist, choreographer, musician, and motivational speaker; as seen on "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 7 among many other appearances

    Calling all fans of Hamilton, and In the Heights! In this class students will learn the skills needed to perform in some of today's most popular hip hop style musicals. Students will learn hip hop dance steps, and explore the emerging style of hip hop musical theater.
    Saturdays: October 2 - 23, 2021; 1:00-2:00pm

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5th-12th Grade

  • "Clowning" 
    In this class students will explore the physical comedy of clowning! Students will use skills of character work, improvisation, and physical movement to learn techniques of clowning. 
    Saturdays: January 15 - February 5, 2022; 1:00-2:00pm


  • "Diving Into Dialects"
    Have you always wanted to learn how to speak with different accents?  In this class students will learn the healthy and proper way to speak with dialects when performing.  
    Saturdays: February 12 - March 22, 2022; 1:00-2:00pm

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9th-12th Grade

"College Prep for the Theater Major"

Are you a junior or senior in high school, preparing for college auditions? Are you a freshmen or sophomore considering majoring in theater in college? This is the class for you! In this class students will learn how to prepare for college auditions- what to wear, what to bring, what to say in the audition room, and more! 
Saturdays: April 23 - May 22, 2022; 1:00-2:00pm

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