School Year Intensives

Advanced courses in Acting, Musical Theater, Improvisation, and Playwriting

School Year Intensives are classes designed for young performers looking for a concentrated deep-dive into a particular facet of theater. Professional theater artists work year-round with students, encouraging creative exploration and encouragement to realize and meet their artistic potential. 

Students are welcome to audition for as many Intensives they would like. The schedule allows them to take multiple, but class time(s) will be assigned. 

Auditions are required for all School Year Intensives. More information regarding classes and auditions will be available in July '22. 

Advanced Acting

Grades 5-9

Advanced Acting is an audition-based school year intensive for students interested in acquiring and growing the skills of a theater performer.  Students will hone their skills in auditioning, voice, movement, moment-to-moment acting, and more. Accepted students will have their performance skills focused and refined while learning various schools of acting and harnessing their creativity on stage.  

Advanced Musical Theater

Grades 5-12

Advanced Musical Theater is an audition-based school year intensive for students interested in acquiring and growing the skills of a musical theater performer. The goal of these classes is to advance in the areas of singing, dancing, and acting, as well as tangible skills vital to being a musical theater performer: audition process, audition materials, reading music, and understanding the business of being a performer.  

Advanced Improvisation "Organized Chaos"

Grades 6-12

Advanced Improvisation: Organized Chaos is an audition-based school year intensive for students interested in diving further into the craft of long form improvisation. The goal of these classes is to grow stronger storytellers, stronger characters, and make in the moment choices, without a script. Students will then have a chance to present these skills with an end of the year performance. 

Advanced Playwrighting

Grades 5-12

Advanced Playwrighting: Throughout the year, students will work as an ensemble with the goal of writing and staging an original play. Ensemble members work on their feet and on the page to learn the value of full participation, dedication, and collaboration.


Students interested in participating in a School Year Intensive class or a Performance Experience must audition.

Students auditioning for Advanced Acting must prepare one monologue, not to exceed one minute in length.

Students auditioning for Advanced Musical Theater must prepare one song, not to exceed one minute in length, and be prepared to learn a dance.

Students auditioning for Advanced Improvisation do not need to prepare anything ahead of time.

If you are singing and bring sheet music with you, we will have an accompanist available to play along with you.  If not, you are also welcome to sing acapella.

Students interested in Advanced Playwrighting should submit a writing sample here

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