From Page to Stage

Dates: March 25-29 (presentation on the 29th)
Times: Monday-Friday, 9AM-3PM
Cost: $325
Location: Milwaukee Youth Arts Center

From Page to Stage is a dynamic class tailored for young artists in grades 7-12. This immersive experience is your chance to dive headfirst into the world of theatrical creation, as you collaborate with seasoned professionals to craft a unique play with music in just one week.

Expressive Writing: Unleash your creativity as you transform thoughts into words, crafting a compelling script that reflects your unique voice and perspective.

Melodic Mastery: Dive into the world of music composition, creating captivating melodies and harmonies that enhance the emotional depth of your story.

Collaborative Creation: Work alongside experienced professionals, learning the art of teamwork as you bring your collective vision to life on the stage.

Stage Skills: Utilize and enrich your acting and directing skills, from blocking scenes to refining your performance, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience from start to finish.

From Page to Stage isn't just a class; it's a transformative experience where your ideas take center stage. Whether you're a budding playwright, musician, or performer, this workshop empowers you to amplify your voice and leave a lasting impact wherever you go!

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