Student Advisory Board (S.A.B.)

Do you love First Stage and want to become a leader within the Academy? We invite you to join our Student Advisory Board!

Apply to become an SAB member by contacting Brinn Hill,, or completing this application form.

Any student in grades 5 and up are invited to apply for the Student Advisory Board. As an SAB member, you can see all aspects of what makes First Stage so wonderful. With plenty of community engagement and volunteering opportunities, our SAB members are essential to help our First Stage community grow even stronger! SAB is run by the Education Department's Lead Teacher, Brinn Hill.

Past SAB representatives have had these fun opportunities:

  • Holding a unique Youth Seat on First Stage's Executive Board
  • Organizing Student Cabarets and Talent Shows
  • Being featured in orientation videos and marketing materials
  • Participating in social media campaigns
  • Special invites to First Stage events and fundraisers
  • Running food collections or fundraisers for community organizations
  • Receiving in-depth looks into how First Stage and other professional theaters run
  • Exclusive volunteer opportunities within First Stage productions and Academy programming
  • Professional development and resume-building

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