Grades 5-12 Sessions

Students wanting to learn performance fundamentals (or expand upon their existing knowledge) will explore core elements of actor training, rotating through the various subjects each day: musical theater, voice & movement, and acting/scene study. 

These sessions are for students entering Grades 5-12 in Fall 2023, offered in two-week and three-week sessions for new and returning students, and four-week sessions for returning students. Classes are 8:45AM - 4:15PM. There is no class on July 4. Students are grouped according to grade level.

Explore Grades 5-12 Curriculum:

Beginning of Day: Each Academy day begins with a gathering to prepare, share goals, and encourage each other to do our best. Students will proceed to rotate through the following curriculum:

  • Acting Theory: Explore characters, relationships, action and text while developing overall acting skills and confidence.

  • Improvisation: Develop expressiveness, spontaneity, and train your brain to think quickly and with reason through improvisational character and scene work.

  • Musical Theater: Increase your versatility and work on new vocal and dance techniques while exploring the art of telling a story through words, music, and movement.

  • Shakespeare: Examine dynamic language, characters, and plots in scenes and monologues from one of the most influential playwrights in history.

  • Voice, Speech and Movement: The use of speaking techniques increases relaxation, resonance, articulation and projection. By using movement techniques – including mime, dance, circus and combat—students will enhance balance, agility, stage presence, awareness and focus.

  • Playwriting and Design: Students will gain hands-on knowledge of what goes into being a professional designer. Students will also learn the early process of expressing theme, character, and plot through dramatic writing.

End of Day:  Each Academy Day concludes with a gathering to reflect and acknowledge the effort of fellow students.

Two-Week Sessions

8:45AM - 4:15PM

Students will rotate through theater curriculum that explores the fundamental elements of theater training: Shakespeare; Improvisation; Playwriting and Design; Contemporary Acting Theory; Musical Theater; and Voice, Speech and Movement.

Two-Week Sessions are offered:

June 19-30

July 3-14*

July 17-28

July 31 - August 11

*No class on July 4

Three-Week Sessions

8:45AM - 4:15PM

Students will spend three weeks rotating through theater curriculum developing tools essentials to the craft of theater.

Three-Week Sessions are offered:

June 26 - July 14*

July 24 - August 11

*No class on July 4

Four-Week Sessions

8:45AM - 4:15PM

New or returning First Stage students will continue their theater training through immersion in our theater curriculum, diving deeper into all aspects of theater to help refine and sharpen their skills.

Four-Week Sessions are offered:

June 19 - July 14*

July 17 - August 11

*No class on July 4

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